LifeFit™ Approach

The LifeFit™ Approach

We fit the pieces of your individual lifestyle and brand together with optimized vision solutions.

Our exclusive LifeFit™ Approach creates an eye care experience unlike any other. This unique and exciting way to optimize your vision, and discover your own personal brand, was developed from the ground up and continues to evolve with a primary objective in mind – to make your life more exciting!   As the largest independent, professional eye care practice in Colorado, we believe in celebrating your own personal, unique style and truly making a difference in your life.

We understand you

  • Your lifestyle, your hobbies and the activities you enjoy
  • Your unique personal brand (at work, on the weekend, looking cool on a sunny day, or out on the town)
  • Your insurance and budget

We evaluate your needs and the possibilities

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam (no dilation needed)
  • Eyewear, contacts, specialty solutions, and surgical vision solutions
  • We have access to more selections and advanced technology

I am so pleased. Dr. Roberson and his staff were thorough, kind, personable, and I walked away feeling paid attention to. Thank you, I will be moving over an hour away, but will make the drive back just to see them. The equipment was high end technology, using the best of the best to cover the whole health of the eye. So so happy!

— Tiffany M., Highlands Ranch Location

We help you create the right LifeFit™ vision solutions

We keep you up-to-date

  • Exclusive Sales Galas with top designers
  • Personal Brand & Style information to keep you looking good
  • Health & Beauty tips (for guys too!)
  • New Vision Innovations articles and insights
  • Denver Happenings to keep you in the know
  • Updates about all the great things we are up to

We love your wide array and choice of frames that are suited to our entire family. Your staff is very friendly and helpful. We love your downtown location!

— Mindy G., Denver Location

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