Non-dilated Eye Exams

Colorado Eye Exams – Non-Dilated Eye Exams for Denver

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As the most experienced practice in the Rocky Mountain Region, we are proud to offer leading-edge technology to improve your eye health and wellbeing.

Our focus on providing non dilated Colorado Eye Exam is achieved by using the newest technology, including OPTOS, a special ultra-wide field scanning laser technology that captures a 200 degree view of your retina.  The exam is quick, painless, and in most cases allows your doctor to bypass dilation.  This thorough screening of the retina is critical to verify that your eye is healthy and to help in the early detection of problems and diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and even cancer.


Their new equipment is so cool!  It was so efficient to have all of the pre-testing and my prescription completed on this new equipment.  It was quick, seamless and efficient.  Dr. Warta confirmed my prescription, checked my retinal images (no dilation exam!) and then we talked about my vision needs. If you want great eye care this is the place!

— Jeff P., Denver Location

In conjunction with performing an OPTOS and completing an annual comprehensive eye exam, we will take an image of the front of your eye with our corneal topographer. This helps our doctors optimize your vision by allowing them to choose from the newest advancements in our LifeFit™ Approach portfolio.

Our team of Colorado Eye Doctors is uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of current solutions to optimize your vision and provide exceptional care for Family Eye Exams in Denver.

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