General Vision Services

Proper eye care is so much more than an updated prescription.  At Vision Care Specialists we provide you with a customized approach to eye care.  Bridging the latest in science and technology, our Colorado Optometrists ensure that you receive excellence in vision solutions to enhance your individual lifestyle.

Excellent eye exam services with state of the art equipment.  Staff are professional, friendly  and take the time to explain everything.  A great job by all, thanks!

— CJ P., Denver Location

Our goal is not only to make sure you can see clearly. The approach we take in our care is a holistic one. We want to invest in you and your vision in such a way that you feel cared for as a whole. Our general vision services in Colorado are performed by board-certified physicians who you can trust to serve you first and foremost with every visit. The way we attend to your needs is meant to make your day to day life better so you can be your best self every day. When you come to see us, you are like a celebrity. Let us make you the star of the show.


No matter what your look is, we work as hard as you do to maintain it. Whether you need to keep up with eyewear trends or you prefer to avoid eyewear all together, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. We also take into account your activity levels and different needs you have so every aspect of your sight and being seen is tailored perfectly to you. We bring excitement and glamour to your life with our exclusive approach.

Eye Exams

Living in Colorado can cause unique vision problems because living in a sunny climate with little humidity at a high altitude puts a strain on the eyes in a way other climates do not. We understand that, and our physicians have been working with patients in Colorado for many years. When you come in for an eye exam, we consider the climate in addition to your routine activities, hobbies, and other factors that may have an impact on your vision. Do not be deterred by the idea of dilation, as we offer options that do not require it. Our advanced technologies allow us to serve you and your lifestyle better than ever.

Eye Care Nutritionals

A lot of things can contribute to diseases that impact your vision. Some are unavoidable, but the way you care for your body daily can make a big difference in your vision over time. We want to help you take better care of yourself and increase your chances of preventing eye disease completely.

The next time you come in for an eye exam, disease prevention, and overall care will not just be a side note but a major focus for your visit. For the most effective prevention practices, and to know if you are ever at risk, be sure to schedule a visit with us once a year.

What to Expect at an Eye Doctor Appointment

If you are new to Vision Care Specialists, there is nothing to worry about. We offer state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver the best quality of care. With the tests we perform, we gather digital images of the retina in order to inspect the vision of the patient as well as the overall health of the eye. There are a number of tests we use and checks we may administer.

  • Pupillary reactions – We check how quickly your pupils respond to ensure that they are functioning in a healthy way.
  • Topography of the cornea – By taking a photo of the surface of the cornea, we have the ability to detect traces of corneal diseases and astigmatism. This method is also useful for fitting contact lenses.
  • Autorefraction – If you require prescription lenses, we use this method of computer analysis to make sure your prescription is accurate before you purchase new lenses.
  • Retinal photography – This technology allows the physicians to view the back of the eye fully. It often removes the need for dilation and makes the eye exam more pleasant for everyone.

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