Sports Vision Eye Care Experts

Sports Vision Eye Care Experts – A Necessity in Colorado


Certain eye problems require specialty attention. The Colorado eye doctors of Vision Care Specialists provide the attention necessary to address your specialty eye care needs.

What is Sports Vision?

In many cases subtle changes or imperfections in how you see go undetected. In your chosen sport, if you can’t see at your optimum, you won’t perform your best.

Signs & Symptoms

Our eye doctors can help you enhance your sports performance through optimizing your vision by performing the specific eye tests, including:

  • Snellen Visual Acuity – the clarity which you are able to achieve with your proper prescription.
  • Contract Sensitivity – The ability to distinguish subtle differences in background shading.
  • Eye Tracking – the ability to follow and anticipate an object’s movement.
  • Eye Dominance – the brain will select one eye to take over when only one eye can be used to aim at a target.
  • Depth Perception – the ability to accurately determine the distance between an object in comparison to you and/or another object.
  • Eye Teaming – the ability for your brain to use both eyes at the same time.
  • Visual processing Speed and Hand-Eye coordination – the ability to rapidly consider and react correctly in the specific action of the sport.

I am always pleased with the great service at VCS!  The doctors and assistants are always personable and knowledgeable, which is why I've been a customer for more than 10 years!

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Prescribing The Right Glasses, The Right Contact Lenses & The Right Accessories.  Our sports vision eye care team will utilize our exclusive LifeFit™ Approach to understand your individual sporting needs and provide you solutions that will make your life more exciting. This process will include evaluating:

  • Sports Vision EyewearProtection – Prevent Blindness America reports that hospital emergency rooms treat more than 40,000 eye injuries every year that are sports-related. In many sports, balls or objects can achieve speeds up to 200 miles per hour and one mistake can cause serious eye injury. In other sports, such as basketball, fingers or elbows are a common cause of eye trauma. Many varieties of sports goggles and eyeglasses are now available for specific sport’s needs.
  • Lens Designs – Many lens companies now produce single vision lenses and multifocal lenses that are specifically designed for a specific sport. For instance, we now have available a golf specific progressive multifocal lens that keeps the strong reading portion of the lens out of the line of sight when lining up a drive or putt. Sport specific designs are also available for cycling and fishing. Finally, your Vision Care Specialists doctor’s and optician’s have a long history of customizing designs for your particular needs.
  • PolarizationPolarization is helpful for many sports where glare can become a problem.
  • Less fogging – For athletes who are playing in cold or humid climates, fogging of their glasses can be a real hassle. Contacts eliminate lens fogging due to temperature and humidity.
  • Tints – Many tints are available to enhance your perception during sports. In addition, new tinting technology allows the tints to lighten, darken, or change color depending on the environment of your sport.
  • Contact Lenses
    • Better peripheral vision – Simply by removing a spectacle frame will enhance the peripheral vision needed for some sports. Also some high or complex prescriptions will cause distortion in the periphery when put into a wrapped sport frame. For patients with these prescriptions, contact lenses offer a sharper and wider field of view.
    • Stable vision – In fast moving sports, contact lenses will move with your eyes allowing a more stable field of vision.
    • Ease of use with other safety equipment – For sports in which goggles or helmets are necessary, such as skiing, SCUBA, swimming, football, motor-cross, and lacrosse, it can be impossible or at least very uncomfortable to try to play well while wearing glasses. Contact lenses are a great option for these sports and still allow the full protection of helmets and/or goggles.
    • Specialty Contacts Lenses
      • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) – lenses provide a much sharper imager for patients with high astigmatism or unusual prescriptions. New materials and fitting methods can make RGP’s a great solution for athletes who need that extra crispness for precise shooting or hitting.
      • Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) – lenses have the benefit of correcting your prescription while you sleep!  Worn each night, CRT lenses reshape your cornea to correct your nearsightedness and then are removed during the day. For athletes who struggle with wearing contacts or have bad allergies, CRT lenses are a great option.
      • Custom Tints – For athletes who want the advantage of specific tints for their sport but can’t wear sunglasses during competition, custom tints can be applied to most soft contact lenses.


We provide the widest array of current options for optimizing your sports vision.  Visit one of our locations today and we’ll give you sports eye care that fits your individual lifestyle, while helping protect your eyes during life’s exciting moments.

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