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Alcon Man on Computer ImageOur Denver Optometrists combine science and technology to bring you the latest in specialty eye care Colorado to ensure excellence in vision solutions.

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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): learn how specially designed computer glasses can relieve tired eyes, how our 7 Steps on reducing computer eye strain, and how computer ergonomics can minimize your risk of CVS.

General Eye Health & Nutritionals: diet and nutrition play an important role in the health of your eyes.  Learn which are the best eye nutritionals for you.

High Altitude Dry Eye Syndrome: Dry eye syndrome is a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye.  Specialty eye care Colorado knows this syndrome is exacerbated at Colorado’s high altitudes.

Sports Vision: give yourself the winning edge; learn about the latest in sports vision testing, contact lenses for sports, protective sports eyewear, and what to look for in a sports vision specialist.

In addition to providing customers excellence in service for routine eye exams and assessments, the professionals at Vision Care Specialists offer a variety of specialty eye care services. These types of services involve the testing and the treatment of specialized eye conditions beyond the typical vision treatment plans. Through the use of modern technology and ongoing studies, eye care has become more innovative than ever before, and more conditions can be improved or corrected than in the past.

Computer Vision Syndrome

In today’s technological world, most individuals spend a great deal of time in front of a computer, phone, or other screens. Over time, this can lead to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome. In addition to frequent, prolonged use of screen-based technology, the condition can be exacerbated by glare from the screen, poor lighting conditions, or sitting too close to a screen.

Some of the symptoms, such as blurred vision, pain in the neck and shoulders, dry eyes, and headaches overlap with standard eye strain but can be more pervasive and elevated with CVS. Your vision specialist can assess your vision to see if treatment for CVS would be beneficial for you. Treatment is non-invasive and might only involve behavior-based solutions for screen viewing.

If more help is needed, many patients find great success with optical adjustments.

  • Lens treatments for screen viewing
  • Lens Rx or design
  • Lenses or contacts designed for computer, smartphone, or tablet use that provide relaxation
  • Lenses for office-only use

Sports Vision

If you are active in sports, you know how important your vision can be if you want to be successful. A sports vision analysis can help find issues that might be standing in the way of optimizing your sports performance, such as tracking, dominance, depth-perception, or visual processing speed. Once your analysis is complete, some simple optical solutions can be utilized to get the most out of your performance visually.

Depending on your results and the sports you play, you might benefit from special tinting, anti-fogging, or polarization. Other solutions help improve peripheral vision or stabilize your vision when dealing with fast-moving sports. Some special designs are created with a specific sport in mind, such as golf. Eye protection is also important when playing sports, so protective eye gear tailored to your particular sport can help prevent injury.

High Altitude Dry Eye Syndrome

Although it’s not a commonly known issue outside of high-altitude areas, High Altitude Dry Eye Syndrome is a condition that can start with symptoms of typical dry eyes but become chronic and cause increasing corneal damage over time. More common in women, older individuals, those taking certain medications, and those with other certain other medical conditions, this syndrome can be caused by either a lack of adequate tear production or poor quality of tears.

In either case, you might experience redness, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, scratchiness, burning, or itchiness. A vision specialist can analyze your eye condition to see if you are at risk of a chronic issue and treat with options such as medications or supplements.

Specialty Eye Care Experts

If you have specialized eye concerns, scheduling an analysis with a vision specialist can get you started toward diagnosis and treatment of the condition before it progresses. Whether you are interested in routine care, have a specific vision problem to monitor, or want to get more information about the potential treatment of a special condition, contact Vision Care Specialists today to get started on your customized eye care plan.

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