Several diseases affect the eye, either directly or as part of a system-wide problem. Often serious, these conditions require immediate professional Colorado eye care to preserve your vision.  Thanks to modern advances in eye care knowledge and technologies, most eye conditions and diseases are treatable by a Vision Care Specialists’ eye doctor.


shutterstock_127896233What is it?

Strabismus is the medical term for a crossed eye.  The eyes are misaligned due to lack of nerve supply to the eye muscles.  This causes the eye muscles to be uncoordinated.  Some people are born with strabismus (congenital) and some develop it later in life (acquired).  If congenital strabismus is not corrected at a young age (before 7 or 8 years old), there may be reduced visual development.  This can cause lazy eye or “amblyopia”, which means to have reduced vision potential in one or both eyes. When both eyes don’t work equally well together, a person can suffer from limited binocular vision and therefore, poor depth perception.


Signs & Symptoms

For a small strabismus, a person may notice symptoms of eyestrain, headache, fatigue and inability to read comfortably.  For a large strabismus, a person may notice double vision and reduced depth perception.  A large, more obvious strabismus may also be, in addition to a functional hindrance, a cosmetic issue with a negative effect on one’s self-image.



There are different treatment options, depending on the severity of strabismus.  If a person was born with strabismus, early treatment is critical.  Whether treatment is surgery, prescription glasses, or vision therapy, it is important to see a Colorado eye doctor for the appropriate next step.  For acquired strabismus, it is just as important to see a Colorado eye doctor as soon as possible, so as to determine any underlying cause for this change in eye functioning.  Regardless, in order to develop and preserve the best possible visual acuity, proper treatment is warranted.

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