Pink Eye | Red Eye

Several diseases affect the eye, either directly or as part of a system-wide problem. Often serious, these conditions require immediate professional Colorado eye care to preserve your vision.  Thanks to modern advances in eye care knowledge and technologies, most eye conditions and diseases are treatable by a Vision Care Specialists’ eye doctor.

What is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis is pinkeye – the inflammation of the thin membranes covering the white part of the eye and inner eyelids giving the eye its pink or reddish hue.  The causes of pinkeye can be infectious (viruses or bacteria) or non-infectious (allergy, chemical, trauma, or inflammatory diseases).


what is pink eyeSigns & Symptoms Of Pink Eye

In one or both eyes you will experience one or more symptoms including eye pain, swelling, redness, and light sensitivity.  A bacterial infection usually leads to thick, yellowish-green gunk, while a viral infection produces a watery discharge.


Treatment Of Pink Eye

It’s important to see one of our Colorado Eye Doctors promptly to determine if you are contagious and if treatment is necessary.  If it is viral, your eyes should revert back to normal within a week or two, though your eye doctor can prescribe steroid eye drops for pain relief.  Bacterial pinkeye usually clears up with a course of prescription antibiotic drops.

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