Amblyopia or Lazy Eye

Looking for lazy eye treatment? Lazy eye surgery can help people of all ages overcome this common vision problem. Even if you have been struggling with the issue all your life, you can make progress through lazy eye treatment for adults at Vision Care Specialists in the Denver area.

What is Lazy Eye?

“Lazy eye” is known to doctors as amblyopia. It can be caused by a wide range of other vision issues, but it generally takes place in concert with strabismus, a condition in which the focusing muscles of one eye are weaker than those of the other.

Amblyopia is partially caused by the brain itself. When the images the brain receives from one eye are blurry or indistinct, the brain disregards or ignores those signals. To improve vision to the maximum extent possible, the weaker eye must be strengthened in some way.

Treating Amblyopia in Children and Adults

Amblyopia is generally diagnosed very early in life, before the age of six. In these cases, it is possible to start treating it immediately. A number of treatments are used to strengthen the affected eye by temporarily reducing the visual acuity of the stronger one.

Methods can include:

  • The use of a patch that covers the dominant eye to encourage the weaker one to focus;
  • The use of eye drops to temporarily inhibit the vision of the stronger eye;
  • Special eyeglasses or sunglasses;
  • Other forms of therapy.

Although children and adults can both be treated in this manner, children generally see the best results in the fastest period of time. Unless there are complicating conditions, it is not usually necessary to perform any type of surgery on the eye.

In the past, it was believed patients needed to be treated for amblyopia at a very early age to see permanent results. Recent medical research has proven that, in fact, adults can achieve better vision with similar methods throughout most of their lifetime.

For adults who have suffered with the condition their entire lives, it’s important to diagnose any underlying problems that might contribute to amblyopia. Sometimes, various refractive and vision focusing issues can be corrected through laser surgery or other interventions.

You Can See Better with Professional Help from Vision Care Specialists

Through a combination of treatments, improvement in amblyopia is possible for almost anyone. To get the help you need from the experts, visit Vision Care Specialists. We look forward to helping you.