Complimentary LASIK Evaluation

Thinking LASIK – Trust the Specialists

If you are considering LASIK surgery, stick with LASIK Evaluationa provider you trust. Vision Care Specialists has the experience, technology and care plan to make your LASIK experience the best in Denver.

I was worried about getting LASIK but because of such a great team I felt comfortable, and now excited, to get the surgery underway. I will return and recommend others to go and see the experts.

— Chris M., Lakewood Location

Experience You Can Trust

Our entire staff is trained to deliver excellence throughout the entire LASIK process. All of our eye doctors are able to provide a thorough LASIK screening and consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and answer all your questions. Our fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr. Gregory Kouyoumdjian, has performed over 20,000 vision correction surgeries and consistently receives rave reviews from patients. Finally, you will be assigned a Personal LASIK Care Coordinator who will assist with all the pre and post-operative appointments and instructions.

About the Procedure – FDA Approved Safe and Effective
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Technology You Can Trust

There are many practices promoting cut-rate LASIK procedures using outdated equipment. DON’T TRUST YOUR EYES TO YESTERDAY’S TECHNOLOGY! Vision Care Specialists uses a state-of-the-art Allegretto Wave™ Eye-Q laser system that simply yields better LASIK results:

  • Larger optic treatment zone allows you to see through a fully corrected cornea
  • Virtually eliminates glare and night vision problems associated with older technologies
  • Allows for treatment of higher degrees of myopia – double the range of other LASIK systems
  • Increased speed and efficiency lower rates of complication and retreatment
  • Improved precision via innovated, reliable eye-tracking technology

Care You Can Trust

Vision Care Specialists offers a comprehensive care plan that covers all your LASIK needs before, during and after surgery, and unlike some providers, the price we quote covers all the care you will need, including:

  • Free initial screening and consultation
  • Personal LASIK Care Coordinator
  • State-of-the-art operating suites
  • Post-operative care appointments
    • One day post-surgery
    • One week post-surgery
    • Two months post-surgery
  • Lifetime Enhancement Program
    • Any LASIK enhancement Surgery required within the first two years is 100% free
    • To qualify for Lifetime Enhancement, patients must receive an annual comprehensive eye exam from a Vision Care Specialist optometrist. Any LASIK enhancement surgery after two years is FREE except for a $500 surgical center fee.


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