Colorado Eye Glasses with The Right Lenses for Everything You Do

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Right LensesThe perfect pair of eyeglasses starts with the right lenses.

Embracing Colorado’s lifestyle from a morning hike at Red Rocks to an afternoon art show in LoDo to your favorite restaurant for dinner is more exciting with the right lenses!

Today you can select from dozens of lens styles and functions.  But, which lenses are best for you?  Our exclusive LifeFit™ Approach and our amazing staff of certified opticians will work with you, on an individual basis, to help you select the right lenses for the way you live.

At the office: Fluorescent lighting in most office buildings is very harsh on the eyes.  Certain lenses or coatings can provide relief to make your workdays a bit easier.

On the computer: Spending long hours in front of a computer can wreak havoc on your vision.  The right lenses can help ease the strain on your eyes, neck, and back.

Reading:  Whether you love to curl up on the couch with a good book or just need to be able to read the menu at a restaurant, we can help.

Driving: When you’re behind the wheel is when you depend on your vision the most.  We can help with lenses that reduce glare and improve clarity.

At the movies: With the right lenses, movies, theatre, sporting events and other big stage activities will be true Life in High-Def experiences.

Hobbies: If you love fly fishing but have trouble tying the flies or are struggling with your nightly needlework, we can make these cherished hobbies more enjoyable with the right lenses.

Active Lifestyle: there are more than 600,000 sports eye injuries per year.  The Right Lenses do more than just protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays.

I love love my new glasses! They fit great and I am surprisingly pleased with the transitional bifocal. So comfy and cute! Thanks so much.

— Jess C., Denver Location

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Lens Technology

The days of “Coke bottle” glasses and simple plastic lenses are gone – in fact, eyeglass lens technology evolves as fast at the technology changes in HDTVs!

At Vision Care Specialists, we are always working with our lens manufacturers to ensure that we have latest in lens technology for our patients.  Shamir_Direct Lens Technology

We are proud to provide you with Shamir lenses.  These lenses are exclusively designed with proprietary, patented EyePoint and Direct Lens Technology®.  This groundbreaking program utilizes ray-tracing to compute optical properties and simulate human vision.

Our certified opticians, using our exclusive LifeFit™ Approach, will help you determine which lenses are right for you.


  • Trivex lenses. These lenses are made from a newer plastic. It is lightweight, thin, impact-resistant, and can result in better vision correction than polycarbonate lenses.


  • High index plastic lenses. These lenses are lighter and thinner than the standard lenses.


  • Aspheric lenses. These eyeglass lenses are unlike typical lenses, which are spherical in shape. Aspheric lenses are made up of differing degrees of curvature over its surface, which allows the lens to be thinner and flatter than other lenses.  The result is less distortion and better vision.


  • Photochromic lenses (Transitions®). Made from plastic, these lenses change from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight and are super convenient for changing light conditions.  These eyeglass lenses will not darken in a car because the windshield blocks the ultraviolet rays from the sun.


Polarized - Mountaineering


  • Polarized sunglasses. Light reflected from water or a flat surface can cause unwanted glare.  Polarized lenses reduce glare, relaxing the surrounding eye muscles, and are useful for sports and driving.



Colorado eye glasses are a must – the right lenses will make your life more exciting.

Bringing you Life in High-Def

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Eyeglass Lens Coatings

We know from above that the perfect pair of eyeglasses starts with The Right Lenses. Crizal Anti Reflective v1

The Right Lenses are made perfect with the right lens coatings.

Depending on how you will be using your lenses, getting the proper coating is paramount to bringing you Life in High-Def.

At Vision Care Specialists we provide our patients with Crizal® lens coatings.  Crizal is the industry leader in eliminating:

  • Glare
  • Smudges
  • Scratches
  • Dust
  • Water


  • Anti-reflective coating – glare is a problem.  So are smudges, dust, water, and scratches.  An anti-reflective coating will reduce reflections, decrease halos around light (especially at night) and create a clearer cosmetic appearance.
  • Ultraviolet coating Crizal® is designed to protect your eyes from damaging Ultraviolet (UV) radiation reflections that come from the sides and the back of the lens, helping ensure you visual health over time.
  • Scratch-resistant coating – life happens.  Protect your Colorado eye glasses.
  • Tinted lenses –can be beneficial to aid in vision. Through our LifeFit™ Approach we can help you decide what tint is right for your activities.


See the Crizal lens coating in action – and you’ll know why 100% of our staff purchase Crizal lens coating for their own eye glasses.

The Right Lenses are made possible with the right lens technology and the right lens coatings.  The result: Excellence in Vision Solutions to Enhance Individual Lifestyles.

Experience the difference

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