Are you seeking optometry services in Colorado? Do you have eye concerns? If you have recently discovered an abnormality on your eyelid(s) like a painless lump, it could be the right time to visit your nearest eye care specialist. At Vision Care Specialists, we enjoy keeping our patients informed and offering customized, premium eye care for their unique eyes.

What is a Chalazion?

First, let us start by putting your mind at ease by identifying what a chalazion isn’t. It is not a(n):

  • Tumor
  • Infection
  • Contagious disease
  • Untreatable eye disorder
  • Uncommon condition

A chalazion is a cyst that forms in a gland in your eyelid. When your meibomian glands become inflamed, they can trigger lump to form in your upper or lower eyelids. The lump is either firm to the touch or soft and filled with fluid.

Chalazion Causes

Your meibomian glands have an important job. They secrete a thick liquid called meibum, made of oil, to lubricate your eyes. The small opening along your lashes can clog when meibum hardens close to the exit point, causing an inflammatory lump, also known as a chalazion.

Who’s Most Likely to Develop a Chalazion?

Here are the types of people most susceptible to lumps on the eyelids:

  • Those who have suffered from Seborrhea or dandruff of the lids.
  • People who have thicker secretions via the meibomian gland, when compared with other individuals who have thinner meibum secretions
  • Those diagnosed with acne rosacea, a skin condition that deals with the change in the oil glands of the face have an increased likelihood of contracting a chalazion
  • Individuals who have had a chalazion before

Chalazion Diagnosis & Treatment

When you undergo an exam for a chalazion at any one of our Vision Care Specialists locations in Colorado, you can expect thoroughness. Our experts will look for a lump, feel it, and inspect it using magnification and lighting. If you receive a diagnosis that you have a chalazion, we determine the best treatment options for you.

Here are some treatment options that could be recommended to treat your chalazion:

  • Warm compresses and gentle massage- Warm compresses placed on the affected area can liquify meibum, boost blood circulation, and gentle massage can prompt drainage.
  • Antibiotics – The eye doctor may prescribe ointments or eyedrops to apply after the warm compress.
  • Surgery – Via small incision on the lid, a stubborn chalazion can be removed.

If you think you might have a chalazion, contact us at Vision Care Specialists so that we can take a closer look and give your eyes the special treatment they require.