Dr. Tyler Leuenberger, O.D.

Doctor of Optometry near Colorado

Dr. Tyler Leuenberger completed his undergraduate education at Colorado State University and received his Doctorate of Optometry from the Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University – Glendale. He has experience with a variety of patient conditions, including posterior segment ocular disease, red eyes, binocular vision disorders, contact lenses, and more.

Dr. Leuenberger graduated with high honors and within the top 10 of his class. He held several teaching assistant positions throughout optometry school including ocular anatomy and low vision. He was also highly selected to work in a specialty lab where he manufactured custom ocular prosthetic devices for patients in need. His rotations took him to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to provide primary eye care for Army personnel. Similarly, he worked at a Veterans Affair clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma that focuses on treating several types of glaucoma.  He also worked at an Indian health hospital in Sacaton, Arizona that specializes in diabetic eye disease and pediatric patients.

He enjoys sharing his optometry experience and knowledge with those who are interested in entering the field. Dr. Leuenberger is a content developer for New Grad Optometry and an author for OptometryStudents.com. He has created several YouTube videos about optometry school that are quite popular. He intends to continue creating videos about life as an optometrist. Along with making videos, Dr. Leuenberger also likes to express his creativity through playing guitar and piano.

Dr. Leuenberger found a passion for eye care after receiving a large abrasion to his eye from a tree branch when he was a child and has not taken his eye health for granted ever since. He treasures his eyesight and wants to provide quality eye care to as many people as possible.