Dr. Ellen Petrilla, O.D.

Petrilla_headShotDr. Ellen Petrilla graduated from Ohio University with undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Biology. She then went on to pursue her Optometry degree at the University of Houston. During Optometry school, Dr. Petrilla worked in a Neuro-Ophthalmology practice, where she assisted in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. Her patient care experiences at this neuro-ophthalmology clinic led to an article being published in the Review of Optometry and a new-found dedication to supporting patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition, Dr. Petrilla did an internship at the Queen Victoria Hospital in England. During her rotation, she assisted in the pre and postoperative care of corneal transplant patients and had the opportunity to treat other corneal anomalies. Her training in England allowed her the chance to see and be a part of a medical care system outside the U.S.

Dr. Petrilla dedicates her spare time to the National MS Society and the Tennyson Center as a Child’s Advocate against child abuse and neglect. She also has donated her time and medical services in 3rd world countries, such as Nicaragua. Her other hobbies include hiking, skiing, painting, and art collecting.

Dr. Petrilla has been my eye doctor for about six years now. Due to nerve damage, it is a challenge to discern an optimal prescription for one of my eyes. Dr. Petrilla has succeeded where many other doctors have been unable to do so. I highly recommend her.

— Elise R., Denver Location