Colorado Eye Care Specialists

Your eyes are your window to the world – keep them happy and healthy by keeping up with regular eye care from our team at Vision Care Specialists. We are a doctor-owned practice that is passionate about providing the best patient experience.

Whether you need a routine eye exam and updated eyewear or you have a more difficult condition requiring consultation with our ophthalmologists, our team can provide the care you need every step of the way.

About Vision Care Specialists

Vision Care Specialists is the leading full-service optometry practice in the Denver metro area. Originally founded in 1974, our practice has more than 40 years of experience treating patients and providing superior eyewear and contact lens options.

Vision Care Specialists is unique in that we are a majority of doctor-owned practice. Because we are not beholden to franchises or physician groups, we are able to provide superior, independent eye care that is completely patient focused. When you receive care at Vision Care Specialists, you can rest assured that your doctor will spend time listening to your concerns and spending the time needed to assure your eyes are well cared for.

Our Mission

Since our founding in 1974, Vision Care Specialists has provided superior eye care to our patients. We take pride in our independent medical model and believe in empowering our patients to be an active participant in their eye health.

We have state-of-the-art instrumentation, high-quality frame and lens selections, the newest contact lens designs and a team of dedicated health professionals who believe in helping others.

Services We Provide

Our team specializes in routine eye care as well as diagnosis and treatment of specific eye conditions such as:

  • comprehensive eye exams including thorough retinal examination via imaging and/or dilation
  • custom frame and lens fitting,
  • contact lenses for routine and medically-necessary purposes
  • dry eye diagnosis and treatment including Lipiflow
  • refractive surgery including LASIK, PRK, and clear-lens extraction
  • glaucoma care and management including LASER and surgical options
  • cataract surgery via LASER and multiple implant options
  • corneal treatment procedures including transplants
  • retinal treatment including LASER and injections
  • eyelid disorder treatments
  • facial rejuvenation treatments

We are proud that our practice offers a full spectrum of eye care with multiple optometric and ophthalmological specialists on staff. We manage eye health at every level.


Because we follow an independent medical model, we offer an exclusive approach to eye care called LifeFIt ™. We believe each of our patients is a unique individual with individual interests and needs. We tailor our approach to ensure that your personality, lifestyle, hobbies, and regular activities are taken into account as well as your insurance and budget.

At Vision Care Specialists, you aren’t just another patient. You are a unique person, and we look forward to helping your personality shine through when you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses, and especially if your vision correction has been LASIK or cataract surgery.

Eyecare for the Whole Family

Eye health is important for everyone in your family. Whether you have young children or you’re entering your senior years, annual eye exams are recommended for the whole family. Comprehensive eye exams provide a baseline so that your doctor can track your eye health and address any problems before they become major health issues. Our staff is well versed in treating patients of all ages.

Best Colorado Eye Doctors

Our doctors and technicians are held to the highest standards of excellence. We require that all doctors at Vision Care Specialists are board certified. In addition, our technicians are Certified Ophthalmic Assistants and Certified Ophthalmic Technicians. No matter who treats you at our clinic, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest level of care.

Whether you’re in need of a routine eye exam or eye care for a medical concern,  schedule an appointment today. Our expert doctors and technicians look forward to serving you.