Vision Care Specialists

Colorado Eye Care Specialists

At Vision Care Specialists, we deliver excellence in eye care to enhance your unique lifestyle. With locations throughout the Metro Denver area and a record of providing high-quality care since 1974, we are proud to be a trusted Colorado optometrist eye specialist and one of the region’s most experienced eye care practices.

Vision Care Specialists

Don’t settle for routine, mass-produced vision; be amazed and delighted as our dedicated professionals work to help you understand your options and optimize vision solutions that fit the way you live your life. We provide vision care for patients throughout one’s lifespan, from infants and toddlers to older adults.

Our exclusive LifeFit™ approach creates an eye care experience unlike any other. It’s based on the belief that to provide the best recommendations, we need to understand your personal style and interests. Only then can we be sure to recommend vision solutions that truly fit who you are – solutions that help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Vision Solutions

Since opening our practice, we have examined our patients using the latest proven eye care technology, including digital diagnostics and LASIK laser vision correction for more than 20,000 patients. We also provide comprehensive eye exams and treat medical conditions affecting the eye.

As a full-service eye care provider, we strive to give our patients everything from the right glasses and contact lenses to the medical care they need for optimal eye health. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive eye exams that evaluate your vision and examine for eye conditions using laser technology that captures a 200-degree view of your retina instead of dilating eye drops
  • Fitting you with the right glasses and/or contact lenses for proper vision correction, with attention to your personal aesthetic and lifestyle
  • Specialized tests to optimize your sports vision, including tracking, hand-eye coordination, and depth perception
  • Refractive surgery including LASIK and PRK
  • Nutritional recommendations for eye health, such as increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation that can contribute to vision issues

Some of the eye health issues we diagnose and treat include:

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